“the love of my youth is ending like this”

  • 2NE1 – Missing You (그리워해요) ♣

그렇게 너무 편하게 굴지 마요
아직 너와 난 남남이니까
어린애처럼 보채지 좀 마요
아직 시작도 안 했으니까
아이들의 불장난 같은 사랑은 싫어
조금 움츠려 있을 뿐이야 난 괜찮아 아냐 사실 난

“Stop acting like you’re so comfortable

Because you and I, we’re still strangers

Stop whining like a kid, because I haven’t even started yet

I don’t like love that’s like a child playing with fire

I’m just a little famished,

I’m alright

Actually no, I’m…”

dara starry

ok so Pusheen is not a lazy BEAR, but have you seen her?

ok so Pusheen is not a lazy BEAR, but have you seen her?

year end’s holidays season is the worst. ok not for the food and the all-you-can-lazy part, duH. but if you are a student, and you happen to be like this bear (calling all lazy bears, helloo?), a week off from school also means EXAMS are coming up.

and in the lazy bears community, EXAM is Public Enemy No. 1.

but of course after that it’s all jolly and cheers, watching other people rushing to prepare their fancy decorations and fancy fingerfoods while lying up side down on the floor waiting to be fed.

ok so this picture is not just for during EXAM time. no judging.

unapologetic imperfection!

it is unapologetic imperfection!

being lazy is not a crime. it’s a blessing.

so what if it makes bear fat, slow, unmotivated and unsociable.

bears don’t need to be skinny, fast and going for honey hunt all the time.

happiness is all that matters, no matter how a bear chooses to live its life.

it doesn’t give a shit what other bears think.

lazy bear is not so lazy when not working

the most important and distinguishing feature of a lazy bear is its laziness. lazy to study, lazy to eat, lazy to wake up, lazy to talk, lazy to even go peepee.

but lazy bear is not so lazy when it comes to *drum rolls* the Internet!

it can spend ALL day and night there, believe it or not.

the Internet is full of wonders, full of colorful things and zero annoying people!

the Internet serves as a place to de-stress, a reason to be lazy (maybe it’s called procrastination), a world within a world within a world that requires no efforts of movement. it’s lazy bear paradise!

but oh, life is no place for a lazy bear.. what are you going to do when winter comes?


is crying over an anime childish?

10 years later, Caroline and George were on separate ways.

isn’t that sad? he was her first love, her savior, her reason to change her life.

Carrie’s rare beauty got him burning up, but her stubbornness freezes him back to ice. she was always “too bland” for him. no ambition, no effort. no matter how much she changes, she could never cross his idealism of a woman.

George is crazily talented, handsome and free minded. he listened to her when nobody understood. he opened up her world, blew a wind and wiped her up the feet. he was the brightest light that has ever shined through Caroline’s heart. but he was also the coldest wind of winter and the grayest cloud of the sky. all that between their love was a fragile glass slipper waiting for the night to come. she was loved, but she was hurt. he comes as he likes, he leaves with no goodbyes. maybe, she never touched his heart.

their parting was heartbreaking, but inevitable.

love build people up and break them down. the experience sometimes worth the shattered heart.

only the strong ones survive, and the smart ones learn from it. they move on.

but for an anime fan it was worth a day crying for a sad love story.