is crying over an anime childish?

10 years later, Caroline and George were on separate ways.

isn’t that sad? he was her first love, her savior, her reason to change her life.

Carrie’s rare beauty got him burning up, but her stubbornness freezes him back to ice. she was always “too bland” for him. no ambition, no effort. no matter how much she changes, she could never cross his idealism of a woman.

George is crazily talented, handsome and free minded. he listened to her when nobody understood. he opened up her world, blew a wind and wiped her up the feet. he was the brightest light that has ever shined through Caroline’s heart. but he was also the coldest wind of winter and the grayest cloud of the sky. all that between their love was a fragile glass slipper waiting for the night to come. she was loved, but she was hurt. he comes as he likes, he leaves with no goodbyes. maybe, she never touched his heart.

their parting was heartbreaking, but inevitable.

love build people up and break them down. the experience sometimes worth the shattered heart.

only the strong ones survive, and the smart ones learn from it. they move on.

but for an anime fan it was worth a day crying for a sad love story.


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