“the love of my youth is ending like this”

2NE1 – Missing You (그리워해요) ♣ 그렇게 너무 편하게 굴지 마요 아직 너와 난 남남이니까 어린애처럼 보채지 좀 마요 아직 시작도 안 했으니까 아이들의 불장난 같은 사랑은 싫어 조금 움츠려 있을 뿐이야 난 괜찮아 아냐 사실 난 “Stop acting like you’re so comfortable Because you and I, we’re still strangers Stop whining like a kid, because I haven’t even started […]

unapologetic imperfection!

being lazy is not a crime. it’s a blessing. so what if it makes bear fat, slow, unmotivated and unsociable. bears don’t need to be skinny, fast and going for honey hunt all the time. happiness is all that matters, no matter how a bear chooses to live its life. it doesn’t give a shit […]

is crying over an anime childish?

10 years later, Caroline and George were on separate ways. isn’t that sad? he was her first love, her savior, her reason to change her life. Carrie’s rare beauty got him burning up, but her stubbornness freezes him back to ice. she was always “too bland” for him. no ambition, no effort. no matter how much […]