should a lazy bear work?

so, Caroline is dropping out of high school and starting a career in modelling. her decision was impulsive and short-sighted.

but sometimes you gotta grab an opportunity when it’s there and break free. sometimes you gotta be brave and take the risk. you don’t know your future, but all you know is your future isn’t here.

do you rather live a life with people telling you what to do, or walk the path only you would know where it leads?


hello world, it’s a new lazy day

lazy bear woke up this morning and felt the extreme urge to stay lazy the whole day. so lazy bear positioned itself on bed and stayed like that all day.

now, what’s the purpose of living a lazy life? -asked bear

but it was too lazy to think of the answer and felt back to bed.

that’s a philosopher’s job -it said

what’s the point of thinking if i am a lazy bear?

so the lazy bear continued to live the rest of its lazy day, watching anime and eating chocolate cake made out of a mug.

i wish i can be a lazy bear forever -lazy bear said, before playing the new anime episode, fixing the 2-layers blanket and retreat back in bed.


it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon.